Some deals we just pass up. If anything sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Mebbe in a manner of speaking this deal is too true to be good!?

With this deal comes a risk. There’s really no escape: Life is pockmarked with risks. There is the risk one must accept; then there is the risk one can afford to take, which might not be a risk at all. The risk one cannot afford to take just might be the very risk one needs to take. Then there is the risk one cannot afford not to take. Shaddup with the risks already.

Now take our offer. Please!

Our philosophy is twofold:

First, with knowledge you will never be lost. We’re talking about a knowledge that is available to anyone. It is not secret, hidden, or reserved for the scholarly elite, PhDs, card-carrying MENSAs, a supposedly higher evolved being, a tzaddik (holy man), or guru. This knowledge is revealed to the one willing to see. When reading a book, we might come come face to face with something we don’t want to see. So we avoid a book in the way we might avoid a full-length mirror or a bathroom scale.

Second, we cherish our autonomy and privacy; likewise, we value yours! So this deal comes to you with our assurance: No strings. No spam; no lists; no hassle; no kidding. You will not end up on a mass mailing or email distribution list; you will not be solicited, appealed to, guilt tripped, or told to call an 800 number where operators are standing by. No pay-up-pal, no Shlak-Bay. Nothing. You will not be hit up, cajoled, or arm twisted. Humored? Mebbe. Irritated? Most likely. If you want to shmooz, hokay. Hit the “Bite Back” button and start talking. We can yada yada yada all you like, but we’re not really interested in wasting your time. Or ours.


So what’s the big deal?

At your request, we will send you the Good Book, in whole, or in part in the language you designate. It’s not very likely that you speak Asanti, Czech, Farsi, Igbo, Macedonian, Muskogee, Punjabi, Tajik, or Wolof. If you do, however, and you want a Bible or Scripture portion in what might be considered a more “exotic” language, let us know, and we’ll try our best to get you a copy.

Read any good (and Jewish) books lately?

(Did you know that the New Testament was written entirely by Jews, except for Luke. But since Luke was a doctor, he fits right in. We’ll just make him an honorary landsman!)

Hope for the Highway (a “biker’s” New Testament that fits right in your leather pocket)

“The Message” The New Testament paraphrased by Eugene Peterson

A Contemporary Bible or NT in either the NIV or NLT
(New International Version or The New Living Translation)

The Jewish New Testament produced by Dr. David H. Stern (English)

Gospel of John


Ivrit anyone?
Modern Hebrew New Testament


Yiddish anyone?
Hebrew/Yiddish New Testament
This is Henry Einspruch's classic Yiddish translation of the New Testament


Parallel universes? Aka bilingual New Testaments
All of these parallel New Testaments contain Hebrew. The second language choices are: English, Yiddish, Russian, Arabic, Hungarian, Spanish, French.

Specify the second language:

Click here for an important Scripture passage in Yiddish.
Click here for an important Scripture passage in Hebrew.
Click here for an important Scripture passage in Russian.
Click here for an important Scripture passage in English.

Rabbi Isaac Lichtenstein (1824-1909), in anger, once threw a New Testament across a room where it fell behind a bookshelf. Thirty years later he found it, his curiosity got the better of him, and he began to read it:

I had thought the New Testament to be impure, a source of pride, of overweening selfishness, of hatred, of the worst kind of violence, but as I opened it, I felt myself peculiarly and wonderfully taken possession of. A sudden glory, a light, flashed through my soul. I looked for thorns and gathered roses; I discovered pearls instead of pebbles; instead of hatred, love; instead of vengeance, forgiveness; instead of bondage, freedom; instead of pride, humility; instead of enmity, conciliation; instead of death, life, salvation, resurrection, heavenly treasure.

Mortimer Adler (see, in his later years, became a believer in Jesus the Messiah. Noted Adler, “What’s the point of revelation if we could figure it out ourselves? If it were wholly comprehensible, then it would be just another philosophy.”

Talk it up


Prayer: What C.S. Lewis saw in an ordinary room.
Prayer: From the navel of the world.
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Take our offer, and then talk it up short and sweet.

Ugotchutzpah does not talk for the sake of talking. This deal does come with a risk. This is not just any book. Reading the Good Book just might make you live your life for a change. Eternal life: halevai ahf dir. It should happen to you!

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